The Junk Food of Writing

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Oh, the wonders of (one of) my internship(s)

Backstory: My full-time, paid internship as a production editorial intern is at a publishing house, where most of my tasks include proofreading/copyediting and playing with maps/arguing with cartographers, among many other duties that sound dull but entertain me enough. This is my ode to the peculiar love I possess for proofreading.

-Oh, the pleasure I get from finding a mistake--making myself feel useful, important and, if it's a discreet error, rather clever.
-The mirth experienced upon discovering a comma splice--the joyful reaffirmation of finding a second.
-"Over production"? That's one word, right? Yes! Sweet sensation.

Hmm, it's almost 5:30; I should leave the office soon.